Wrist Surgery

Common Wrist Surgery includes surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, surgical removal of ganglions and cysts, and surgery to repair a broken wrist.

A common surgical procedure for the Wrist is Wrist Fusion. This procedure is used for severe trauma to the wrist, as well as, chronic cases of wrist arthritis.

Arthritis of the wrist is a common ailment that often can be treated with normal arthritis treatments.

Although arthritis treatments often can be very successful, some serious cases worsen over time and become so painful that nonsurgical treatments do not work anymore.

In advanced arthritis, the actual alignment of your wrist can change leading to deformity. Wrist fusion surgery is a way to improve alignment and prevent continued deformity.

Wrist Surgery should be performed by a Hand and Wrist specialist orthopaedic surgeon.

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Wrist Injury

Wrist Broken